when the winter turns your bed frame into a frail shell


Färdigt porträtt av Cole Mohr.


mp3: Sun Airway - Oh Naoko (Houses Remix)

And I do need the wind across my pale face. And I do need the ferns to unfurl in the spring. And I do need the grass to sway, yes I do need to know my place

mp3: Bowerbirds - Northern Lights

Cherry blossom girl

färdigt porträtt av Audrey Tautou.
mp3: air - cherry blossom girl

I think about it all the time, like a ghost in my head

plexiglasgravyrer av Anna Hepler.
mp3: Niva - Ghost in my head

Cedar Senior



ffffound / ffffound / heavy duty wool threading cardigan by rickard lindqvist / random
mp3: First aid kit - when I grow up (fever ray cover)

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